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10 different ways to reuse empty Nutella jars

10 different ways to reuse empty Nutella jars
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Have you already taken the time to calculate how many jars of Nutella you and your family use per year ? At least one a month, that's for sure ! We are talking about 6 to 12 a year. It begins to make a nice little package of glass jars or plastic, super convenient for a lot of stuff all over the house isn't it ?

But have you ever thought about what you could do with them ?

Here are 10 good ideas to reuse Nutella jars :

1) Store accessories of your choice :

Spray paint on the lids, put labels on the jars, and use them to store your office items at work !


2) A very original lampshade :

With a LED bulb that does not emit heat, it is very easy to achieve this project !


3) Pretty candy jars :

Decorate recycled Nutella jars to make pretty candy jars ! A cheap idea for thank you gifts at a wedding party or any other parties.


4) Keep your spices fresh in large quantities:

Use labels made of chalkboard paint, so you can change the names more easily.


5) Original pencil holders :

Cut the top of the lids to make pencil holders once you have painted them all in white with chalkboard paint !

Source :lereperedesbelette

6) Reuse all the lids too :

Stick powerful magnets on the back with super glue and cut your favorite photos to make fridge magnets !


7) Make a decoration for the table or the shelf :

Glue papers with patterns or use spray paint and stick white letters on top of the lids.


8) Cocktail glasses for a children's party :

Paste colorful felt strips on the jars !


9) A fun soap dispenser for kids :

Drill the center of the lid to attach a soap pump. Then simply stick stickers of your choice on the transparent jar.


10) Nice gifts for Christmas :

Offer gifts filled with chocolates, cookies . . . and decorate the jar.


Do you like all these ideas ? Share them with your family and friends !

Source: the soccer mom blog · Photo Credit: the soccer mom blog

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