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10 easy Christmas decorations for the last minute preparations.

10 easy Christmas decorations for the last minute preparations.
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In this article we also find ideas to decorate the house, to decorate the class, gift ideas to offer to mom and dad, but also, simple ideas to make just for fun with children during the Christmas holidays !

10 new and beautiful ideas!

Do you like Christmas trees?

Kids love them!

Here are 10 Christmas tree crafts ideas to do with children

1) This DIY is for the older children!

Make beautiful 3D Christmas trees, only with white cardboard!

Source: Hattifant

And a video tutorial to watch right here!

2) Draw a beautiful ZIG ZAG with a 3D glitter pen on white cardboard folded in 2. Use purple and blue water-based paint! Glue red, green, purple and silver sequins as Christmas ornaments.


3) Make Christmas trees by threading green buttons from the smallest to the biggest!

4) Glue white buttons on popsicle sticks

5) Make snowmen with white buttons

6) Make your greeting cards with buttons

7) Add a garland in the Christmas tree, entirely made of buttons!


8) Glue twigs with a hot glue gun and wrap the Christmas tree with green wool. Glue mini pompon on the wool!


9) Stick 3 triangles with fringes on a cardboard! Really simple!


10) Fold construction paper to make a 3D greeting cards

Watch this beautiful video to learn how to make these 2 beautiful cards!

Source: red ted art · Photo Credit: red ted art

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