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10 pretty ideas to decorate with white birch branches

10 pretty ideas to decorate with white birch branches
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White birch is so different from all other trees. Its bark allows us to decorate the house or even better, the cottage with style! A warm interior but still modern.

Far from the country-style interior, the Scandinavian interior design is very fashionable for some time!

Do you like it? CHOOSE WHITE WALLS! Enhance this white with birch branches, with dark gray, cream and white blankets and cushions, knitted like wool sweaters! Don't forget the furs. They will make all the difference! Warm up the room with wood and antiques, candles, rope and fir tree here and there, but not too much. With some elements of raw material mixed with modern elements, you will manage to create a Scandinavian look. The secret? Make it simple.

A ladder for blankets in the living room


Very easy to make, you can create a ladder for the living room, to hang the blankets, and a ladder for the bathroom to hang towels. If it is for the bathroom, I advise you to apply a layer of protective varnish to protect the wood from moisture of bath towels.

Very original lamps!


By purchasing basic lighting systems at Ikea and beautiful lampshades, you can easily make beautiful lamps that will be perfect in your Scandinavian decor.

A side table


Nothing easier! You have to be very precise though. Cut all branches to the same length. And glue them all securely by attaching them to each other with rigid rope until the glue is dry.

Beautiful candle holders!


Use a hole saw to trim the top of branches. You will be able to place tealights. Put these branches into glass vases filled with green moss at the bottom.

A very small shelf


Perfect for the bathroom! No need for a plan! Create your shelf according to the branches that you find! You can use boards of another kind of tree to make shelves, as they did here! It's absolutely lovely!



A beautiful idea! This very small part of a tree passes through 3 wooden frames! Could you replicate this idea? Sounds easy? In fact, you need to think about it before doing it. Don't forget to calculate a space between frames. Since this tree would normally continue growing between frames.

A simple shelf


MAGNIFICENT! One of my favorite project! 3 small boards of bleached wood, connected by 2 small branches of birch! Simple, beautiful, perfect to put 2 or 3 books or a few candles ... trinkets, some jewelry or a picture.

An incredible wall decoration


2 coat hooks, 1 birch branch, pieces of white string and white frames with your most beautiful black and white photos! Just had to think about it!

A beautiful bookshelf


The perfect match of raw material and modern material, melamine. A perfect balance. It's pure, it's solid. It's awesome!

Even for the outside!


Hanging on the wall outside the house, you can hang small glass jars with wire and put battery-operated tealights for extra security. A beautiful and inviting Scandinavian decoration, with a beautiful fur.

Source: Imgur · Photo Credit: Imgur

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