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10 really cool and easy craft ideas for Halloween.

10 really cool and easy craft ideas for Halloween.
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Halloween is right around the corner, and even though Coronavirus is changing our plans, it's always a good idea to add a festive air to the house. It’s even more important at this difficult time!

So, get the kids together, pull out the materials, and get inspired by these 10 ideas to have fun together and prepare the house for the party! Even if it's only the family!

1. Cute hedgehogs

Kids will love creating these cute hedgehogs especially if you let them eat some candy!

Simply glue “sweet corn” candies on a small pumpkin and create a happy hedgehog face! Easy!


2. Halloween Wreath 

This easily and inexpensively Halloween wreath can be made with natural materials you find in your garden! Sticks of different lengths glued to a cardboard garland, embellished with fake spider webs and plastic spiders from the Dollar Store. That’s all it takes to spruce up the door during this horrifying time!


3. Adorable unicorn pumpkin

Forget the horror associated with Halloween, especially if you have young children. Instead, follow this tutorial to create a beautiful unicorn with a fake pumpkin! Very cute!

4. Decorative doormat

You can download a stencil here and create something to welcome the little monsters on your front porch. You can make a doormat or even a decorative panel. Add autumn leaves for a beautiful effect!


5. Beautiful autumnal centerpiece

Get an artificial pumpkin, put some moss inside, and add fall flowers and foliage in it. It is simply superb!


6. Candy Bags for Social Distancing 

Here is a great way to offer candy without any physical contact. To make them, check out this easy tutorial.


7. Beautiful autumnal garland

This decoration can stay in your home even after the Halloween party!


8. Large spider web

This is what we call a real Halloween decoration! Watch the tutorial here:

9. Cacti & Spiders

This decoration is easier to make than you think! Collect pine cones, cover a pot, add some fake spiders. The full instructions are here.


10. Flowering pumpkins

It's so original and pretty! Watch the tutorial to achieve this superb decoration.

Have you started your Halloween decorations? 

Source: Pinterest · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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