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12 DIY sewing projects that are children-friendly!

12 DIY sewing projects that are children-friendly!
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Whether you are a sewing pro or a beginner, there are several projects you can get started with. Some are so easy even kids can do them!

But it's even more fun making things together!

If you want to prepare a small sewing workshop with your kids, here are some great ideas!

Quickly go find fabrics and other materials, your needles or your sewing machine and be creative!

1. Puzzle cushions

Make padded puzzle pieces that will fit into each other. It's super pretty, comfortable, original and the kids will love it!

source: Pinterest

2. A fabric hopscotch game

Clever! This way, children can play hopscotch indoors when it rains. To avoid slipping, you can fix this mat to the floor with a bit of tape, or add anti-slip strips underneath.

source: Pinterest

3. A pajama bag

It's much more fun to put your pajamas away like this! You can also put your favorite soft toys, a book ... The kit for the perfect little sleeper!

source: Pinterest

4. A cute holder for phone or tablet

Here is a tutorial to complete this project:

source: Pinterest

5. A lovely bag

For shopping or for the beach, it's great!

Here's how to make it.

source: Pinterest

6. Cute Bat Plushes 

Here are the instructions.

source: PInterest

7. A cozy cushion

A fairly easy project to introduce children to sewing. 

source: PInterest

8. Finger puppets

It's really simple, you just need some felt. You can create all the characters that you can think of, and then put on a great show!

source: PInterest

9. A pencil-eating shark-shaped case

The ideal companion for school!

source: PInterest

10. A flying squirrel soft toy

So cool! Instructions here.

source: PInterest

11. A great backpack

Very cool! You will find several backpacks tutorials here.

source: PInterest

12. An original friend

You can even take inspiration from a child's drawing to give life to a soft and colourful doll!

source: PInterest

Do you like sewing or knitting? You should share your hobby with your kids!

Source: Pinterest · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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