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12 very inspiring String Art models

12 very inspiring String Art models
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Mary Everest Boole, at the end of the 19th century, invented String Art to make mathematics more accessible to children in difficulty.

The string Art was then popularized as a craft in the late 1960s through starter kits and art books.

In the '60s and' 70s, a lot of people enjoyed this pretty hobby. And, for some time now, it has resurfaced and shown us contemporary pieces! And, I can assure you that you will want to try this wonderful approach that speaks for itself!

To enjoy String Art, you will need:

-A wood plank; painted, stained, or varnished

-A hammer and nails

-And embroidery thread in thousands of colors!

Here are 12 fashionable inspirations of an old technique; String Art:

1) These pretty old-fashioned bicycles are back in style! Do you dream of having one? Reproduce one to have a model of it!

2) Cacti have also become fashionable again these past few years! Decorate your home with a wall decor that shows them off!

3) Another very fashionable icon: the deer! In case you're fresh out of deer antlers, this stag's head will look awesome in your living room!

4) For your children's bedrooms or playroom, give them their favorite animals!

5) An entertaining decoration for the basement bar or the outdoor patio.

6) In the kitchen, on the patio, in your basement's Tiki bar, a pineapple!

7) The first letter of your first name, or of someone else's first name, your choice.

8) A pretty feather ...

9) Are you crazy about cats?!

10) Are you an avid traveler, or, more specifically, a fan of pink flamingos?

8) Left a part of your heart in Africa? Commemorate this adventure memory forever!

9) Looking for that special something for a ship captain? Here's something he'll love!

10) Ha love .....!

11) His and Hers, English version ....!

12) And a beautiful unicorn!

Have you ever done something similar ? If so, share the pictures of your projects with us in the comments section !>

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