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13 creative ideas to do with kids this winter!

13 creative ideas to do with kids this winter!
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Do you like puzzles, board games, but would you like to add something new to entertain children?

Do you think you still do the same things in winter?

Change these habits by doing new things!

13 super good ideas to spend a beautiful winter with the children!

1) Glue a big cardboard into a door frame and write points to each circle. Then make paper planes and count the results!

2) Use painter's tape (because it does not leave any residue) to stick crepe paper and play secret agents 007

3) Use cookie cutters to make bird feeders! On the Internet, you'll find a whole bunch of easy recipes to stick bird seeds!

4) Collect white socks and add uncooked rice to make cute snowmen!

5) Maybe this winter you will want to change your furnitures, appliances, or TV? Keep the big boxes and build a giant gingerbread house

6) Get a box lid to make a maze to play with a ball! You only have to stick straws with a hot glue gun

7) It's really easy! Use two paper plates to make it stronger and staple them on popsicle sticks to play badminton with birthday balloons!

8) Play mini golf by covering a cardboard box with craft paper. Write points above each door!

9) Create locomotives with sweets and chocolates with the kids! You can offer them to family members for Christmas!

10) Make beautiful crowns with paper plates!

11) Glue cups on the edge of the counter and ask the children to blow into rolls of paper towels to push the ping pong balls into the glasses

12) Cut out shapes in EVA foam sheets of different colors, and use colored dots to glue the pieces of a snowman on the patio door! The kids will love it!

13) Make penguins with water bottles, balls of cotton wool, black and orange EVA foam sheets, black feathers and small googly eyes.

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