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14 original ways to transform objects with rope to create a beautiful and warm decor

14 original ways to transform objects with rope to create a beautiful and warm decor
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The rope is a raw material and this is very nice in a decor!

Do you like everything that is made of rope?

It is so simple to modify some objects with rope!

Whether you prefer rustic, antique or industrial decorations, we can find beautiful ideas that will be perfect for your decoration.

14 beautiful ways to transform common objects with rope to make your decor unique!

1) Make a lamp with objects that you will get at Ikea!

2) Get an old incandescent bulb to make a nice vase for your freshly cut flowers. You'll find several youtube video tutorials to learn how to remove the electrical system from a light bulb with a pair of pliers. Wear protective glasses (goggles) to protect your eyes by doing these process.

3) A very nice swing made of varnished wood and rope!

4) Do you find the living room lamp ugly and too ordinary? Add rope and color it with acrylic paint diluted in some water! The hot glue is perfect for ceramic.

5) Do you think you can reproduce this? It's a nice challenge isn't it?

6) If you could find a log like this .... WOW !!

7) These super common vases found in all stores are suddenly very original!

8) Who could suspect that there is an upside down flowerpot under these two ropes? A white rope and a black rope to cover a pot will make a beautiful stand to decorate your living room!

9) It's easy to make small lampshades for LED light bulbs. As they don't heat, you can use styrofoam cups. Use a hot glue gun to glue the rope on the cups. Add a lampshade every 5 bulbs only.

10) Make an ottoman with an old tire!

11) Or cover an electric candelabrum!

12) With string, you can even create a pattern on the wall to frame a simple mirror!

13) Or do something like this to hang your most beautiful family pictures!

14) Looking for an original way to get storage? Here is a hanging shelf!

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