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14 simple activities to stimulate your child's development

14 simple activities to stimulate your child's development
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Have you heard of Montessori pedagogy?

It is a method of education that aims to develop the autonomy and learning of children through sensory and kinesthetic activities.

With these kinds of activities, your child will have fun and learn, without realizing it.

And the 14 activities we present you here are very easy to do at home.

So you can make them easily and take them out regularly to stimulate your child through play.

Here are 14 simple activities to stimulate your child's development:

1) Ask your child to associate the good fruits with the good pictures. This activity serves to recognize and learn the fruits.

2) In a large plastic bin, add pitchers (preferably plastic) filled with water colored with food coloring. And let the child mix colors. This exercise helps develop your child's motor skills and teaches him/her precision.

3) Give a basket full of socks to your child and let him/her choose the pairs.

4) Cut and paint paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls. Your child can build buildings. This activity improves fine motor skills.

5) Take an egg carton and make a hole in each compartment, then insert shoe laces and show your child how to tie them.

6) In a plastic box, add sugar or salt, add a Post it with simple words and let your child write into the sugar or salt.

7) Attach padlocks to a board and give keys to your child. Let your child find the right key for each padlock. An activity that must be supervised.

8) In small glass jars, place herbs, flowers or essential oils and let your child smell, they will have to guess each plant.

9) Develop the agility of his/her hands. In bowls, add dry beans, corn kernels, lentils and let your child transfer the food into the empty bowl with a spoon. This activity will make his movements more precise.

10) Add money in a large bowl and add 4 small bowls around the large bowl, in a tray to avoid finding coins everywhere on the floor. Then let your child sort them by value, color or size.

11) Write the numbers from 1 to 6 into cupcake liners and let your child add the exact amount of pompoms into each cupcake liners.

12) Make four different categories: Soft, hard, heavy and light. Take out articles related to these categories and let your child put the items in the right categories.

13) Cut pieces of ribbon or fabric to teach your child to make knots. This activity will also be used to improve fine motor skills.

14) And finally, add figurines on a white sheet, your child will draw the shadow of the toys. Draw fun characters with wax crayons or pencils.

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