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15 dog crochet patterns that are insanely cute.

15 dog crochet patterns that are insanely cute.
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If you are a dog lover, you definitely need one of these crochet pups in your life! Here are 15 of the best dog crochet patterns available online. Which one will you crochet first?

1. Crochet Labrador

We had to start with the popular Labrador dog! How adorable! The FREE pattern is available here.

the labrador site

2. Crochet Dalmatian

Will you crochet 101 of them? You can find the pattern on Etsy.


3. Crochet Dachshund (Sausage Dog) 

This crochet project is rated easy and perfect for beginner crocheter! Nobody can resist a Dachshund! The pattern is available on Etsy.


4. Crochet Schnauzer

Yes this cute little dog is made with yarn! All the details here.


5. Crochet Goldendoodle

These adorable Goldendoodle look so real! Get the pattern on Etsy.

Ambers Craft Store

6. Crochet Schi Tzu 

How to resist this adorable little dog?! You can get the pattern here.


7. Crochet Yorkie

Can you really say no to this cutie? This intermediate level pattern is available on Etsy.


8. Crochet Puppy

This cute little pups can fit in your palm! Take a look at the free pattern here.

Live Internet

9. Crochet Scrappy The Happy Puppy

This little puppy makes a great gift for babies or kids! You can get the pattern on Etsy.


10. Crochet Chinese New Year Dog 

These are the cutest thing ever! All the instructions available here.

All About Ami

11. Crochet Coffee Sleeves

Nobody will have cuter coffee sleeves than you if you crochet these! Get the instructions here.

The Whoot

12. Crochet Daisy Dog 

What a cute floral pattern! Get the pattern here.

Live Internet

13. Crochet Pug

If you pug dogs, you need to make these crochet little pugs! Get the free pattern here.

The Whoot

14. Crochet Yorkie

We absolutely love this cute French Yorkie! Find the free pattern here.

The Whoot

15. Crochet Puppy Amigurumi

This adorable crochet puppy is only 7" tall! You can get the free pattern here.

i crochet

Do you have a favourite?

Source: The Whoot · Photo Credit: All About Ami

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