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15 ideas for DIY wooden pallets kitchen islands.

15 ideas for DIY wooden pallets kitchen islands.
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Do you like your kitchen, but you feel that its lacking a little something to make it more practical and comfortable?

How about adding an island? To do so, there is no need to spend a fortune in a specialized store or to call on contractors. You can custom design a wooden pallet cabinet, which will help you cook or get together to share good meals! Not to mention, an island can also provide valuable storage for anything you can't fit into cabinets and drawers.

Wood pallets are a wonderful, versatile material. They can bring a rustic touch to a room while being relatively cheap! There are so many ways to use them. It's up to you to find your style!

Take a look at the following photos for inspiration!

1. A small rustic island

This little island is not lacking in charm and is very practical, with its retractable panel and drawers. Its natural color, which even shows the original logos, brings a lot of warmth to the room.


2. A corner counter

Here is a simple structure, which allows you to cook or have a drink! 


3. A versatile island

It's a super functional workspace that even has a sink! 


4. A simple island

If you don't want to build an entire island, you can simply use your current countertop! 


5. A minimalist space

Simplicity is great! This little counter is charming and you can spend very nice moments there.


6. A very large bar

If you have a very large kitchen, open concept, or a small business, here is a great idea.


7. An all-white island

It's chic and practical! Let's dare all-white, to give an impression of grandeur to this small island.


8. A romantic space

What a great idea to share a meal or a good glass of wine!


9. An illuminated island

At home or in a restaurant, it's a great option!


10. An all-grey island

Here is a beautiful installation with a very masculine style.


11. A cozy kitchen area

It is really functional!


12. An industrial style

This long island will appeal to many chefs or amateur cooks!


13. A long counter with warm colors

What a great way to inhabit space!


14. A small lunch bar

You can easily install it at home! 

15. Dare blue

The choice of color can make all the difference for a pallet furniture!


Which one is your favourite?

Source: Inspideco · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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