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15 painting techniques that you will love testing with your children!

15 painting techniques that you will love testing with your children!
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15 fun painting ideas that will you enjoy doing with your kids!

1. Soap bubbles

Let paint bubbles burst on a sheet of paper, they will leave their colored mark. A painting technique that children will love!

2. Cardboard roll

Fireworks painted with rolls of toilet paper. Very easy for little fingers.

3. Balloon

A pretty painting made with slightly inflated balloons that were soaked in paint.


4. Masking tape

A painting realized with very colorful geometric shapes produced using the masking tape technique.

5. Cotton swab

A fun way to paint with cotton swabs.

6. Cork stopper

Pretty ladybugs made with a cork. You can use this technique to stamp appetizing cherries, pretty flowers, a bunch of grapes ...

7. Spraying
Sprinkle powder paint over a sheet of cardboard paper, then sprinkle it gently with water. Let it air dry and admire the masterpiece.

8. Fruits and vegetables

Here is a nice idea for a painting that easy to make using half a lemon, apple, orange ...

9. Plastic bottle

Pretty flowers stamped with the bottom of a plastic bottle dipped in paint.

10. Painting with fingers

This version of the Christmas tree was made with finger paint. This is a project that children will love: the handprints will represent the branches of the tree and the fingertips will represent the ornaments hanging on the tree.

11. Roll of aluminum foil

An empty roll of aluminum foil wrapped in plastic film with a maximum of folds, rolled several times on a sheet of paper on which you would have poured paints of colors of your choice, and here is a stunning painting produced in a short time.

12. Fork

To paint these funny little flowers, you just need a fork and some paint.

13. Shaving foam

This foam paint allows you to make 3D drawings that keep their volume and texture even after drying. Kids will love it!

Guide Astuces

14. Autumn leaves

With fallen tree leaves in autumn, you can make multiple imprints and have fun with different colors.

15. Sponge

A simple technique, economical and above all that will appeal to children!

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Guide Astuces

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