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2 fun Christmas decoration ideas to make with the kids!

2 fun Christmas decoration ideas to make with the kids!
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When Christmas is coming, it's fun to prepare for holiday festivities by decorating the house with our kids or the ones we care for in daycares or schools.

But we don't always necessarily have the time to spend hours planning very complex arts and crafts projects! That's why we like ideas that are easy to achieve, economical and not too messy.

Here are two to add something new to your repertoire of holiday decorations!

Idea #1: Window drawings

This is an activity that the kids will adore! After all, it's not everyday that they get permission to draw on the windows!

What you'll need:

Window markers (the Crayola company makes these, for instance), chalk markers, which you will find, among others, at Amazon or markers Posca or available at De Serres.

On smooth glass, these felts can very easily be washed away, by simply passing your finger over it, so, after a wipe, there's no trace left!

Steps to proceed:

It's simple, take a pencil and draw!

You can create a village covered in snow; it will be like magic, especially when it really snows outside!


White is obviously a good choice, but as children love colors, they can also add a decorated Christmas tree, brightly colored Christmas balls, etc.


You can stick a model to draw on the other side of the glass to help you, if desired.

And, in January, all you'll need to do is wipe the window clean!

Ideas #2: Snowflake names

Like every human, snowflakes are all unique. Your child will find it wonderful to make his own snowflake, in the shape of his or her name!

What you'll need:

Blank sheets of white paper

A pencil


A paper cutter

Steps to proceed:

1. Fold the sheet in 2 as in the picture:


2. Fold again in 2, in the other direction:


3. Cut to obtain an approximate square. The only thing to keep exact is to keep the folded corner:


4. Fold diagonally to obtain a triangle and write the name following the triangular shape.

5. Add a small decoration at the end of the word.

We can read here the name EMMA:


6. Cut the contours with scissors (be careful to keep solid shapes on the main fold) and center with a cutter (help the child for this step because the cutter is dangerous).


7. Unfold slowly ...


And here is the LEON flake:



Have fun creating a flake for each family member. You can make a garland by connecting them!

In the end, it's rather quite easy enough to recreate the magic of Christmas! Just let your inner child out to play for a little while, or maybe even a little longer too! Simple things like paper, drawing and maybe a hot chocolate to accompany your activities and you're done!

Santa Claus will love leaving packages in your inviting home, where the joy of being a child is celebrated in this cold but magical season! Don't forget that during the holidays, there's no such thing as too many childlike decorations in your homes!

Source: Parents Moms
Photo Credit: capture d'écran - YouTube - Femme2decoTV

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