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20 adorable crafts for the garden to do with children!

20 adorable crafts for the garden to do with children!
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Here are 20 adorable ideas that you can easily craft with kids and even older kids who go to school!

Easy-to-reproduce DIY ideas for the garden, or to introduce children to gardening! Many of the suggested ideas are made with terra cotta pots, you can find them everywhere, even in dollar stores! 

1) Make butterfly feeders with a plastic tray, necklace beads and strings. Don't forget to add a little treat (banana here)! 

reading confetti

2) In a terracotta saucer, add some fruits to attract lovely butterflies. Very easy! 

reading confetti

3) Paint little pebbles and have fun! Use acrylic exterior primer, paint and varnish. Let dry well between each coat, you may need several coats, depending on the brand of paint chosen.


4) Make a game of Tic Tac Toe with pebbles! Use exterior acrylic paint and varnish and let dry well between each coat. You will also need an old table. 

home talk 

5) Create a Fairy garden for little birdies in a Terra Cotta pot! 

1 pure heart

6) Any broken pots in the house? Do not throw them away ! Create a fairy garden instead. 


7) Don't have a pot? Simply use a plastic container!

Trtrucs et bricolages

8) Make a bird feeder with popsicle sticks!

101 gardening

9) A teepee with branches and leaves!

joy ful toddlers

10) Garden markers with wooden spoons! You can do them in pyrography, with acrylic paint, water crayons, etc.

twig and toads tool

11) Collect bottles of soft drink to make watering cans! Pierce the plug with a needle that you will have heated on a heat source.

mess for less

12) Turn the pots upside down, run paint cans to color the terracotta pots, let them dry overnight for colored flower pots!

moon frye 

13) Or, make chimes using the same technique!

sugar spice and glitter

14) Collect bottles of carbonated drink to plant your seeds! Give your characters some hair!


15) Give butterflies for  Mother's Day!

mama papa bubba

16) Cut the shapes out of foam sheets! No worries about the rain! Identify the garden with this craft. 

reading confetti

17) Paint beautiful caterpillars! Glue the pebbles with a hot glue gun. Then paint with exterior acrylic paint and varnish! Let dry well between each coat, you may need several coats. 

nellie bellie

18) Make a bird bath with saucers and terracotta pots, paint and exterior acrylic varnish.

in lieu of preschool

19) Carton of juice or milk! Make a bird feeder! Easy!

red ted art

20) Decorate the garden with golf balls disguised as Ladybugs! 

art drops

Source: Imgur · Photo Credit: Imgur

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