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20 DIY craft ideas using egg cartons.

20 DIY craft ideas using egg cartons.
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Crafts with egg boxes are very simple and offers lots of possibilities! It is a cheap way to let your kids be creative. Find 20 greats ideas below to inspire you.

1. Outdoor hunt

Print small pictures of items your children have to find in the backyard! They will collect them in the egg box. 


2. Face Mask

Have fun dressing up at home!

3. Grassapillar

Make this fun caterpillar by mixing potting soil and grass seeds!

4. Flower Wreath

To mark the arrival of Spring!

5. Ocean Craft

Create a whole ocean world inside an egg carton!

6. Flower Bouquet

For older kids, a fun craft to do!

7. Baby Shark!

Create fun little sharks by cutting an egg carton.

8. Bird Feeder

Reuse an old egg carton to make a bird feeder for your backyard.

9. Gift Box

A creative way to wrap little gifts!

10. Flower Lamp

Who would have thought this beautiful lamp is made out of egg carton?

11. Decorations

Such good ideas!

12. Flower Mobile

Decorate the front porch!

13. Floral Mirror

So beautiful!

14. Flower Planter

Create a beautiful table centrepiece!

15. Floral Wreath

With a little bit of patience, you can create amazing things!

16. Decorative Mirror


17. Pirate Boat 

So fun!

18. Flower Branch

A great decorative piece for your home!

19. Sewing Storage

A great idea!

20. Mushroom Finger Toys!

Aren't they so fun?

Which one is your favourite? 

Source: C Fait Maison · Photo Credit: Imgur

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