Crafts : 20 new Halloween crafts for kids

20 new Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween crafts for kids!

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All Halloween crafts are always very inspiring. But the Halloween crafts that we share with you today are new and for all kids. So if you have more than one child, you will find several ideas for Halloween !

You will be able to help the little ones and let the older ones make these 20 beautiful Halloween crafts !

Here are 20 new Halloween crafts to do with kids :

1) The lanterns have always impressed children. So make a pretty paper Jack-o-lanterns. Add a battery-operated tealight inside.

Source : CraftyMorning / Pinterest

2) Add masking tape onto black construction paper to make a pretty mummy.

Source : NoTimeForFlashCards / Pinterest

3) Glue strips of white crepe paper inside a white paper cup, and create a cute ghost.

Source : FirstPalatte / Pinterest

4) By cutting the inside of a paper plate and piercing holes, you can add yarn and make a giant spider web !

Source : NoWoodenSpoons / Pinterest

5) Colorful rings will make gorgeous hair to a Halloween witch!

Source : ThrivingHomeBlog / Pinterest

6) Create a beautiful bat with black construction paper, black buttons and a wooden clothespin.

Source : IHeartCraftThings / Pinterest

7) Get some water bottles and add some neon green food coloring. Do not forget to add one or two drops of oil or dish soap to prevent the water from stagnating. Then glue the pieces of black construction paper on the bottle. Small googly eyes and thumbtacks (cut the metal part).

Source : FrogsandSnailsandPuppyDogTails / Pinterest

8) On a black construction paper, glue branches and small googly eyes with white glue.

Source : Craftulate / Pinterest

9) Apply gouache or black acrylic paint with a paintbrush on cardboard rolls and glue small googly eyes before wrapping the rolls with cheesecloth.

Source : GlueSticksandGumdrops / Pinterest

10) Children love all the crafts made with cotton wool ! Make beautiful ghosts with cotton balls for Halloween !

Source : ThrivingHomeBlog / Pinterest

11) Legumes and pieces of black EVA foam cut into triangles will allow you to make horrible witch hands on scrapbooking paper. Legumes make perfect warts.

Source : HappyHooligans / Pinterest

12) For the little ones, add some dead leaves in a ziploc bag and with a black Sharpie draw a pumpkin.

Source : HowWeeLearn / Pinterest

13) Let the older ones create their own soap dispenser ! Give them different items e.g. pearls, plastic spiders/pumpkins/bars, so that they can add those items inside the soap dispensers .

Source : LittleBinsforLittleHands / Pinterest

14) Add black beads on the tips of pipe cleaners. Then stick black pompoms in the center of these pipe cleaners. Then glue small googly eyes.

Source : MomsandCrafters / Pinterest

15) Kids will love this project. A Frankenstein sun catcher. Between two pieces of plastic, stick pieces of green tissue paper and black and white construction paper.

Source : FromABCstoACTs / Pinterest

16) Add sand in balloons and draw pumpkins !

Source : LittleBinsforLittleHands / Pinterest

17) Pine cones and felt to make great bats.

Source : FirefliesandMudpies / Pinterest

18) Clay or salt dough to make tiny ghosts lit by tealights!

Source : MumInTheMadHouse / Pinterest

19) Pumpkins made with construction paper !

Source : NutureStore / Pinterest

20) And finally, a spoon and a plastic cup to make a ghost! Make a hole in the bottom of the cup !

Source : MakingLifeBlissful / Pinterest

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