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33 Christmas tree ideas that are out of the ordinary!

33 Christmas tree ideas that are out of the ordinary!
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You want to decorate for the holidays, but you're tired of the traditional Christmas tree? Or you don't like the appearance of the artificial tree nor the needles that fall from a natural one?

Why not design another type of decor, with rather unusual materials, while staying in the theme of the Christmas tree? The possibilities abound! As a proof, here are 33 pictures of original Christmas trees, all more beautiful than the other!

Let your creativity loose!

1. A literary tree

Lover of books, you own tons of them? Select a few items from your collection to create a beautiful Christmas tree!


2. A tree made of pallet wood

For an original Christmas decoration, rustic and economical, think of recuperated wood! Good looking and durable, inside or outdoors!


3. A cardboard tree

A 100% green Christmas tree, good for the budget and for the bank account. Instead of cutting down a tree, use the cardboard that was made from one already cut!


4. A Christmas tree made of PVC pipes

Cut out white PVC tubes and stick them to a plywood board with epoxy glue. Attach the wall panel to the special mirror hooks. WOW effect guaranteed!

Source: Martha Stewart

5. A driftwood tree

A simple idea, for a sensational result! This driftwood arranged in the shape of a fir tree, embellished with lights and balls, is very poetic!


6. A tin can Christmas tree

Another great way of reusing materials! Some cans (colored or natural), some masking tape and that's it!


7. An egg carton tree

An unbreakable tree! A great idea for both home and school or daycare. With your children (or not), paint egg cartons green to erect this beautiful tree!


8. A tree made of coffee pods

Coffee pods are not super ecological. But if you cannot resist them, give them a second life by creating a beautiful tree!


9. A photographic tree

It's even better than a photo album! An easy to build tree that the family will love!


10. A tree on a pallet

With a palett, a little paint and some Christmas decorations, you can easily make a fir tree that has a lot of style!


11. A tree made of branches

Collect dead branches, take a rope, a garland and some decorations ... Here is a very original natural tree!

Source: Tips Guide

12. A tree made of foam paper

Here is a beautiful Christmas tree easy to make with sheets of foam paper purchased at the DIY store, for adding a touch of originality to your Christmas decor!


13. A wooden Christmas tree

Buy pre-cut shapes or cut yourself to make a beautiful sustainable tree!


14. A floating tree

After the invisible man, here is his tree! This style of tree gives the impression of balls floating in the air. To create one, you will need Christmas balls, fishing line and a grid that divides the strings to achieve this effect.


15. A trinket tree

Stick small trinkets on a wall to create a unique tree, with extra nostalgia!


16. A woolen tree

Here is a super easy tree to make. Take yarn of a color that contrasts with the wall or frame on which you want to expose it. Glue the thread and decorations with a festive "masking tape".


17. A light garland Christmas tree

Using adhesive hooks, hang a garland on the wall, giving it the shape of a Christmas tree. Decorate everything with stars cut out of white felt.

Source: Martha Stewart

18. A post-it tree

Here's how to make a pretty Christmas decoration in the office! Use post-its!

Source: Flickr

19. A tree in a step ladder

Take your step ladder out of the garage and make a pretty Christmas tree out of it!


20. A tree on the door

Do you lack room for a Christmas tree? Use a door! Stick a string of light and Christmas decorations to make a tree. Use adhesive hooks to avoid damaging the door.

Source: Pinterest

21. A self-adhesive tree

Purchase stickers or cut out the desired shapes to stick them on a wall or on a door. Superb!


22. A felt tree

For an indestructible, baby-proof fir tree, cut out the shape of the tree in a large piece of felt. Also cut out the decorations in different colors of felt and attach Velcro to the back for easy "hanging" and "unhanging". At the same time, it's a fun game for kids!


23. A postcard tree

You probably have postcards or greeting cards in the bottom of a box, somewhere. Exhibit them to create a unique Christmas tree!


24. A footprint tree

Here is a nice way to keep memories of the whole family. Something to repeat over the years!


25. A drum kit tree

Weekend musicians, stack old drums and add a tambourine on top. Add a light garland for a rock'n'roll Christmas!


26. A tree on a blackboard

If you have a wall painted with slate paint or a large board, summon your artistic inspiration to draw a Christmas tree.


27. A tree on the wall

A simple idea! With "Multi Tack" dough or playdough, glue Christmas balls directly onto the wall to form a Christmas tree.


28. A tripod tree

Dust off an old camera tripod and make a modern festive tree!


29. A pompom tree

Draw the outline of a tree with a garland made of velcro and multicolored pompoms.


30. A paper tree

You can roll newspaper sheets, magazines, or old books to form cones. Then stick these cones on a larger cone (cardboard or styrofoam) with a glue gun.


31. A macramé tree

If you have knowledge of macramé or crocheting, create a very unique and durable artisanal tree!


32. A Christmas tree on an ironing board

A tree that wins an originality prize! Find an old perforated metal board and slip in a light garland. Then place magnetic decorations!


33. A cork tree

Easy! Glue corks to a styrofoam cone or other conical structure. This tree will be the most beautiful thing on the table!


Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: capture d'écran - Facebook

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