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40 original ideas to upgrade your boring walls

40 original ideas to upgrade your boring walls
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If you like the original patterns on the walls, but you hate applying, or even worse, remove wallpaper ... You must know that there are other ways to add originality to the decor of your home .

Simple techniques that ordinary people can easily replicate, with items that are found in all department stores, and for almost nothing.

So if you want to give a new look to a room in your house, we invite you to watch this video tutorial to see the painting techniques that can be done with bubble wrap, with a medical syringe, with a scrub brush , with painter's tape and a sponge, and many other cool stuff!

Here are 40 original ideas to paint your boring walls:

1) Stick a piece of bubble wrap on a paint roller to paint polka dots design on a wall.

2) Use a medical syringe to paint stripes of different colors. You choose the colors you want.

3) Brush the freshly applied paint, for an uneven and original effect.

4) Make strange and uneven shapes with painter's tape (easier to remove than any other adhesive tape, without damaging the paint) and paint the shapes in many colors of your choice.

5) Add 4 rubber bands onto a wooden block and dip it into the paint in a color that contrast the color of your wall. Then press the block with the rubber bands, once horizontally and once vertically, and so on for a checkered design.

6) Use your rubber gloves to store your paintbrush in the fridge during your lunch break.

7) Reuse old t-shirts and cut squares of fabric that you will wrap on paint rollers and secure with small rubber bands. Apply a thick coat of acrylic paint to a flat surface and apply the paint roller on the wall. From bottom to top, from left to right, diagonally.

8) Use brown paint and a large sponge to paint a fake brick wall.

9) Cut out a hexagonal shape in a sponge to paint a wall in an original way by applying paint of the color of your choice.

10) Or, do the same thing, but with a simple plastic bag!

See the 40 techniques in the following video:

Source : Facebook video 5 minutes Craft

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Source: 5min.crafts · Photo Credit: 5min.crafts

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