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A homemade soap bubble recipe

A homemade soap bubble recipe
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Kids love soap bubbles!

And, if we gave them the chance to play with some every day, they would play with them every day !

But, at $1 minimum per jar ... when you have a child, it can become costly. And, when you have more than one child, it's even worse !

So, if you plan to make your own soap bubbles to save money, this recipe will make that possible and you'll be able to provide them to your kids.

-Either for a kid's birthday party

-Or to make large portions for the summer !

What you'll need:

-15 ml (1 tablespoon) powdered or icing sugar

-30 ml (2 tablespoons) dish soap (Dawn or Joy dish soap, they are thicker)

-250 ml (1 cup) of water

-A juice pitcher with spout

-a wooden spoon, or a large spoon to be able to reach the bottom of the pitcher to mix the ingredients properly

- Paper cups for the kids

-Toys to make bubbles. You can find accessories to make soap bubbles of all kinds, in Dollar stores. Special and unique shapes in all sizes too, to make beautiful bubbles !


How to:

1) Using a pitcher with a spout, add the water and powdered sugar or icing sugar

2) Then mix the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved

3) Add the dish soap

4) Mix well again

5) Put the lid back on the pitcher to prevent insects from spoiling your recipe because the insects could clog the spout hole

6) Give each of the children a paper cup with just a little soap bubble mixture

7) Keep the remaining soap bubbles in an airtight bowl until the next use

Why use sugar in the recipe:

Sugar slows evaporation of water. This prevents the bubbles from drying, allowing them to float longer in the air. However, the sugar will not prevent a bubble from bursting when it touches the ground.

On video:

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Source: QuirkyMomma · Photo Credit: QuirkyMomma

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