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A recipe for making amazing colorful bubbles on canvas or paper

A recipe for making amazing colorful bubbles on canvas or paper
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Today we suggest a unique painting workshop!

We will not take out the brushes, nor will we use our hands, our fingers, or our feet to paint.

However, you will need to blow through the neck of an empty and severed plastic water bottle in order to paint the most beautiful bubbles you'll have ever seen in your life!

Because they are colored!

And these colored paint bubbles that you'll have blown will create patterns on the canvases or papers of your choice!

You can make these into wall decorations, (it would be beautiful in a child's bedroom or playroom!), construction, scrap-booking paper or even beautiful stationary!

Does this painting workshop sound fun to you?

Look for the video at the very bottom of this article.

What you'll need:

-Empty plastic water bottles


-Heavy masking tape.

- (optional) plastic fruits and vegetables netting

-Several small bowls to put the colored paint in


-Soap bubbles (solution made of water and usually dish soap used by children to create bubbles)

-Liquid watercolor paint

-Watercolor paper

- Large pieces of cardboard boxes to cover the concrete to avoid staining the ground

Source: Facebook helloWonderful

How to:

1) Place the cardboard beneath the watercolor papers, or cloth, or canvas to protect the floor.

Source: Facebook helloWonderful

2) In a plastic bowl, mix 3 parts soap bubbles, 1 part watercolor paint. (one color per bowl).

Source: hellowonderful

4) Have the children soak the bottles in the color bowls and blow into the necks of the plastic bottle, at a good distance away from the paper to paint beautiful color bubbles. They can even blow them standing-up!

Source: Facebook helloWonderful

4) Even the blended colors are beautiful!

5) Let fabrics or papers dry completely before handling them!

Source: Facebook helloWonderful

6) More tips:To make mini bubbles: Collect plastic nets from fruits and vegetables and stick them on the bottles with heavy masking tape! If not, the liquids would make them slide off.

Source: Pinterest

See how fun it is, on video!

Source: helloWonderful

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Source: hello, Wonderful · Photo Credit: hello, Wonderful

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