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Christmas 2020 : DIY crochet ornaments!

Christmas 2020 : DIY crochet ornaments!
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If you are already counting down the days to Christmas, we might have something for you! This year, get your Christmas DIY and crochet your own ornaments! They will hold a special value to your heart and can be passed down to your children! 

Etsy has a variety of pattern that cost less than $5 and will make the time pass faster before the holidays can officially start. 

Here are 10 beautiful patterns to inspire you! 

1. Crochet Mini Sweater

Remember the "ugly sweater" tradition? Why not crochet it? Here's the pattern. 

Credit: RaffamusaDesigns / Etsy

2. Crochet Angel 

This beautiful angel ornament is such a classic, pattern is available here

Credit: CROCHETandPATTERNS1 / Etsy

3. Crochet Plaid

Here's a unique idea that is very trendy right now. Find the pattern here

Credit: SpinaYarnStudio / Etsy

4. Crochet Christmas Bells 

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! This vintage beauty is available here

Credit: PastPerfectPatterns / Etsy

5. Crochet Ornament Covers 

Your ornaments won't break anymore! Pattern is here. 

Credit: padurns / Etsy

6. Crochet Ornaments 

This old fashioned is absolutely beautiful, find it here

Credit: Sewrella / Etsy

7. Crochet Snowflakes 

A beautiful lace ornament! It will look so pretty on the tree! The pattern is here

Credit: Crochetgiftsshop / Etsy

8. Crochet Rudolph 

How cute is this little reindeer

Credit: SpinaYarnStudio / Etsy

9. Crochet Mittens 

These little baby mittens are so cute!! 

Credit: SpinaYarnStudio / Etsy

10. Crochet Snowman

Adorable! Who wouldn't love this little snowman?

Credit: SpinaYarnStudio / Etsy

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Southern Living · Photo Credit: Etsy

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