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Craft ideas with different kind of papers, take a look at these new ideas.

Craft ideas with different kind of papers, take a look at these new ideas.
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In this tutorial video you will find incredible ideas to make beautiful projects with papers that you might not have thought of in the first place. Or maybe you didn't think to use it that way.

Reuse coffee filters that you no longer use because you have a coffee machine that works with k-cups now. Or use tissue paper to make beautiful flowers that unfold when you open a greeting card.

You will see that all these ideas are really incredible ! But they are also very simple to make with materials easy to get.

Do you like to create things with paper ? So you have to keep this tutorial video in your favorites. When you will want to create a new project, you will know exactly where to find it and you can choose the DIY that you like, depending on what you have at home, or on hand.

But use your creativity and dare to make changes to the suggestions presented here by simply changing the colors, or adding a personal touch to each idea !

You will need :

- Coffee filters that you no longer use

- A pencil

- Scissors

- A ruler

- Water

- Food coloring

- White glue

- Construction paper

- Wooden skewers to make chicken skewers

- Rolls of toilet paper

- Artist paint brushes of different sizes

- Acrylic paint

- White sheets for printer

- Tissue paper of different colors

- Stiff cardboard

- An old frame to re-decorate

- Newspaper

- Pipe cleaners

- Gold spray paint

- Colorful gift wrapping paper

- Construction paper of various colors

Tips & Crafts :Try to grab as many items as possible to avoid spending money and to preserve our beautiful planet. We can do beautiful projects with recycled materials. Keep a box at home where you can keep all types of papers for DIY. When you see all these beautiful papers you'll want to create nice projects..

Watch all the different steps in the tutorial video below :

Source: Facebook video 5Minute.Crafts.KIDS

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Source: 5Minute.Crafts.KIDS · Photo Credit: 5Minute.Crafts.KIDS

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