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Create funny monsters with the little ones!

Create funny monsters with the little ones!
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Creating funny monsters has always been fun for both children and adults.

Because the world of monsters has no limit !

We can let our imagination run wild with the shapes and colors and the results are always very surprising !

We suggest you today a DIY to make funny monster puppets with very bright colors, and to do this, we suggest you to use acrylic paint.

And children can then make a wonderful puppet show with all the ones they have made ! Kids will love this project !

The kids will love it ! You will see !

You will need :

- Construction paper

- White cardstock 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (8 1/2 x 11 '')

- Acrylic paint in pot, you choose the colors you want

- Jumbo adhesive craft sticks

- Googly eyes

- Glue

- Scissors

- Black felt pen

How to do :

1) Add two or three colors of acrylic paint to the middle of your paper and fold the sheet of paper in half, in the direction of the width.

Source : Facebook video screenshot

2) Then unfold the paper to reveal a large stain of two or three colors that will give the shape of your monster. Add weights to both sides of the paper to prevent the paper from folding while the paint dries.

Source : Facebook video screenshot

3) Once the paint dries on the paper, cut out the shape of the monster. Round, square, hunchbacked. It's up to you.

4) Then stick the monster on the popsicle stick

Source : Facebook video screenshot

5) Use colored construction papers to personalize your puppet monster. Make arms, legs, or straight, wavy, curly legs, as you want ! Add hair, or antennas to your monsters.

6) Glue small or large google eyes

7) Then draw the mouth of your choice

Source : Facebook video screenshot

Watch the video :

Now see all the steps to create these funny monsters. Watch this video. Kids will love to make this project but they will want to make a show with their puppets.

Source : Facebook video

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Source: iheartcraftythings · Photo Credit: iheartcraftythings

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