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Create super trendy decorations accessories with small mirror from the dollar store.

Create super trendy decorations accessories with small mirror from the dollar store.
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By purchasing small square mirrors at $1 in Dollar stores, you can make these 7 super trendy home accessories by creating them yourself easily!

These 7 ideas are super easy to make and they will add a nice touch of glamour to your home decoration!

Make a planter, a centerpiece, a terrarium, a backsplash, or a mirror for a side table.

Here are 7 trendy decoration ideas to make with mirrors from Dollar stores:

1) Make a planter by gluing mirrors with strong glue


2) Make a super glamorous backsplash with inexpensive mirrors!

Source: Photo by Heather O'Donovan - More kitchen photos

3) A large wooden frame, a small square mirror and self-adhesive mosaic tiles can become a trendy accessory in less than an hour!


4) A small wall in a room can become a mirror! It's both chic and very useful!


5) Mirrors, $1 glasses and copper foil tape will allow you to create a terrarium

Stick the copper foil tape on the glasses and mirrors

Use the Blu-Tack to hold the glasses and mirrors upright while you tape them

Then use the soldering iron + tin solder wire to solder the glasses and mirrors to each other.

Use the soldering iron to join the gap between the glasses starting by the corners.

Same thing with mirrors

Make fun shapes

For an impressive result!

Source: BRIT + CO.

6) You can create a nice table centerpiece to grow succulent plants, by gluing mirrors on a solid rectangular base or by making a solid rectangular base in wood or very thick cardboard. Succulents need very little soil and water to survive, so this kind of container is perfect for them.

7) Assemble 9 small mirrors to decorate the wall above a small side table in a living room, bedroom or entrance hall. The mirror completes the decoration with the candle on the table.


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