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Did you know that canned pumpkin puree isn't actually pumpkin at all?

Did you know that canned pumpkin puree isn't actually pumpkin at all?
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Fall recipes often call for canned pumpkin as a main ingredient, such as the famous pumpkin pie! But have you ever read the ingredients on the can? Do you know what is actually inside? This might surprise you; it isn't made from pumpkins! 

Most of these cans are actually made from a range of different squashes. Even though they advertise as "100% pumpkin". They most likely contain a mix of winter squashes such as butternut squash, Golden Delicious and/or Hubbard. 

The most popular pumpkin puree on the market, Libby's, actually developed its very own brand of squash which is called "Dickinson". The Dickinson resemble more to a butternut squash than pumpkin - interesting! 

This could be due to the fact that the FDS is very vague about the term "pumpkin" which is why companies can still put pumpkin as the sole ingredient - even if its packed with unspecified squashes! 

What is really funny in that story, is that your Pumpkin Spice Latte might actually be a Butternut Squash Latte! And that pumpkin pie is probably a butternut squash pie! And most people did not even know!

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However, it seems like there is a good reason behind. Pumpkins are actually very watery and can be a bit stringy. On the other hand, the other winter squashes are sweeter and easier to turn into a puree! So maybe it's not that bad after all.

Did you know about this "big lie"? Do you like pumpkin flavour? 

Source: Food & Wine · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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