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Discover all the wonderful things you can do with a simple shoebox!

Discover all the wonderful things you can do with a simple shoebox!
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Some really original ideas!

Do you have old shoeboxes in the back of your closet?

Don't throw them away! Take a look at all the great things you can do with it!

Hoping that these ideas inspire you! I love the last idea!


For drawers

Cut your shoeboxes into pieces and place them in your drawer to organize your bras and underwear. Simple as pie but very effective!

For sewing!

Keep all your sewing items organized and in one place by creating a two-tier sewing kit with old shoeboxes and the plastic part of a cookie box! Great, isn't it?

For ribbons

Admit that our ribbons are often tangled, or in the hinge of the drawers! Cut two slits on the sides of your shoebox and making sure that a small wooden peg can fit in it. Place the ribbons on the wooden dowel and place them in the shoebox to create this handy ribbon organizer!

A charging station!

You can turn an old shoebox into this handy charging station to keep your wires from getting tangled up and you can hide those uggly wires! Make sure the box is well ventilated! A little research on the internet will give you more info on the subject!

For seeds

Keep all your seeds tagged by using two shoeboxes to make a seed box. This method can also be used for recipes. The size of the cardboard is perfect to cut it and make dividers.

Jewellery boxes
These boxes would be cute in a girl's bedroom; it could even be a nice DIY project!
For shoes!
Okay, we are not very original here, but if you cut the side of your boxes and you insert a clear plastic, it will be very easy to find your shoes!

Carry the cupcakes!

This box is pretty, isn't it? It is used to carry small cakes, when you go to visit friends! I love this idea!

Desk organizer

A shoebox is so convenient to store all the pencils!

A projector!

Did you know that you could make a home projector for your smartphone? Here is a photo, but you will have to find out how to do it on the Internet. It's quite simple to make and fun!

Here are all the beautiful things you can do with a simple shoebox! That's amazing, right?

Source: Home Hacks · Photo Credit: Home Hacks

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