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DIY: Lovely Christmas gnomes made from socks!

DIY: Lovely Christmas gnomes made from socks!
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Gnomes have taken over Christmas this year! They are a really popular accessory that you can easily make yourself with materials available at home!

Gnome are fun little creatures found in many legends. What a fun craft to do with the littles ones! Here's how.


  • Rice
  • A pair of scissors
  • Black sewing thread
  • 1 soft fluffy sock
  • Ribbon
  • "Hairy" accessories
  • Plastic bags
YouTube Erlebnis Kinder


1. Putt a good handful of rice in a plastic bag.

2. Cover the plastic bag with the sock.

3. To make the nose, put a little rice in a darker sock and close with a ribbon. 

4. Hang it around the bigger sock, like the picture below.

YouTube Erlebnis Kinder

5. Take the same big sock, cut a small piece of fabric to make a beard out of it.

6. With another sock, create a small hat and put it on the gnome.

Here's the video tutorial video: 

Do you enjoy DIYs? What is your favourite season to make them?

Source: des idees · Photo Credit: YouTube Erlebnis Kinder

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