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DIY: Make a playhouse with wooden pallets in 5 easy steps!

DIY: Make a playhouse with wooden pallets in 5 easy steps!
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A playhouse is a place of inexhaustible games and discoveries for the little ones. And for adults too! Between children and adults, the activities might change, but at every age the cabin ensures endless adventures!

So why not build one? Do not worry, you will not need to ruin yourself to create this playhouse. Guaranteed effect for the whole family!

Photo : 99pallets

Follow the steps to build a superb wooden playhouse step by step using wooden pallets:

Step 1: Carry out the plans and find the wooden pallets. 

Before rushing to the toolbox to tackle the task, a little time to think about it is essential. First, ask yourself who will use the house. Is it your children? You? Your pets? This will allow you to draw up plans in accordance with what you really want to build, especially in terms of the height of the construction.

In the above construction, the parents behind the project created this playhouse for their daughters, who are 2 and 4 years-old respectively.
For a project similar to theirs, you will need 8-10 pallets, a hammer, a screwdriver, four hinges and nails.

Step 2: Clean the pallets and start with the beginning of the structure. 

Photo : 99pallets

Remove the staples from the pallets and take care that the nails do not come out. Once you have determined the spot on which you will erect the structure, raise three pallets and fix with nails. Remove the screws and wooden boards at the top of the pallets, that will be the windows of the playhouse. 

Step 3: Create an entry to the playhouse.

Dismantle a pallet in two, lengthwise, to create the doors of the structure. Once you have two identical pieces of pallets, secure each of them with two door hinges.

Photo : 99pallets

Step 4: Pick the right roof.

Using the pallet skids, with clean cuts and mount two pieces of wood at each corner of the house to create a flat roof. You can also opt for a sloping roof, it's up to you! Make sure that the structure is stable and use a fabric to finalize the roof.

Step 5: Finalize the playhouse with paint!

Now that the playhouse is built, the tools put away and everything is cleaned, you can take the last step! A good paint job. Depending on the condition of your pallets, you may want to sand them before painting them. If they are in good condition, use your brushes! This house was completely covered with white paint, then the exterior was tart with yellow. The result is too cute!

Photo : 99pallets

What do you think of this DIY project? Will you build one for your kids or perhaps grand-kids? 

Source: Demotivateur · Photo Credit: Demotivateur

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