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Don't throw away your old calendars! Here are 7 original ideas to recycle them!

Don't throw away your old calendars! Here are 7 original ideas to recycle them!
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The beginning of a new year is a good time for new starts, including the hanging of a new calendar!

While paper calendars were popular to write your schedule, they are no longer needed now that every smartphone has a calendar app. But I still like to hang at least one paper calendar somewhere in the house, because there are so many cute ones!

But once you are ready to hang up this new calendar, you are facing a dilemma; what should you do with your old calendar? I was facing this dilemma recently, and I was reluctant to abandon it. Instead, I did research to find ideas, which I share with you today!

First idea

Make a notebook! Reuse an old calendar page as a cover for a small notebook! Here's how to do it:

Gather your materials. You will need a calendar page, writing paper, embroidery thread, needle, scissors and colored adhesive tape.

Cut your calendar page so that it is just a little larger than the size of your paper.

Put the calendar page on the paper and fold it in half, so that the calendar page forms the cover. Using the needle and embroidery thread, sew 3 small stitches along the fold to hold the pages together.

Finally, use a piece of ribbon to decorate the binding.

Second idea

Decorate your gifts! You can use a large calendar page to wrap a small gift, or can cut small pieces to make really cute gift tags!

Third idea

Create pretty postcards by sticking your best calendar pages on a piece of cardboard the size of a postcard. Write a short message on the back and send it to someone you love! It would be a very nice project for children at Christmas, to send postcards to grandparents!

Fourth idea

If your calendar has many cute pages that are too beautiful to throw away, use them to hang them on the walls! All you need are frames, and maybe scissors to cut the pages of the calendar.

Fifth idea

Use your old calendar pages to do all kinds of "Mod Podge" projects! You can make a set of coasters, cover a big letter, cover a notebook, and much more! Mod Podge is an insulating glue made from water, it's nontoxic and dries quickly.

Sixth idea

Use your old calendar pages to make pretty decorative candles! Just take a bit of Mod Podge and a foam brush, and paste a part of your calendar page on your candle holder. Let dry completely before using!

Seventh idea

If you don't use your old calendar pages, consider donating them. Primary schools and other programs for children will accept donations of art supplies. Your old calendar pages can be cut and used for collage, presentations and art projects!

Hoping that these ideas inspire you!

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