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Fall paper luminaries

Fall paper luminaries
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Reuse glass jars or Mason jars that you no longer use because the seals under the lids are no longer good. Get paper napkins that have some autumn colours or with Halloween patterns, and create lanterns or luminaries if you prefer, to decorate your house with candles or battery-operated tea lights, if you prefer. They are easy to make and they will be all different since you will place paper napkins in different ways each time.

You will need :

- Mason jars or recycled glass jars

Paper napkins with autumn patterns, or seasonal colors, or some Halloween patterns

- Mod podge 

- A large paintbrush or a foam brush 

How to do :

1) First, you need to thoroughly wash the glass jar or Mason jar with soapy water.

2) Rinse the jar thoroughly to ensure that no more soap remains on the glass jar/ Mason jar.

3) Separate the paper napkins to keep the layers with the colors.

4) Cut out the patterns you want to stick on the jar.

Source : Youtube video Craft by Amanda

5) Apply a coat of Mod Podge onto the front of your glass jar.

Source : Youtube video Craft by Amanda

6) Put a piece of cut napkins onto the jar by gently pressing from the center outward.

7) Gently apply a little more Mod Podge onto the paper.

Source : Youtube video Craft by Amanda

8) Repeat steps on the back side of the jar.

9) Apply Mod Podge to the bottom, side edges and rim.

Source : Youtube video Craft by Amanda

10) Let dry completely, or overnight preferably, before adding a candle into the lantern.

11) You can decorate your fall or Halloween lanterns with ribbon, or twine, or raffia, or jute, but this step is optional.

Here are some models to inspire you !

Source : Craft by Amanda

The more colorful your napkins, the more the lanterns will project beautiful colors.

Source : Craft by Amanda

Do not add too much paper. One layer is best as you want the candle light to shine through!

Source : Craft by Amanda

You can even mix autumn decorations with Halloween decorations.

Source : Craft by Amanda

Do you like it?

Source : Craft by Amanda 

Let us know what you think about this project, in the comments of the Facebook post.

Source : Craft by Amanda

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Source: YouTube · Photo Credit: YouTube

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