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Fun DIY for the whole family: a pasta tree for Christmas.

Fun DIY for the whole family: a pasta tree for Christmas.
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To combat the gloominess of this pandemic and a depressing month of November, some people are bringing out the Christmas decorations earlier this year. Why not take the opportunity to DIY new ones? It will occupy the children, who will finally agree to put aside their screens a little!

Could you have thought that simple pasta (uncooked) could make a superb Christmas tree, which can proudly sit on your festive table or anywhere else in the house? Your children may want to create several, to display them everywhere in your home!

It's a fairly simple and economical DIY, which brings us back to the simple pleasure of DIY, with inexpensive materials.

Everyone can make their own tree and personalize it according to their inspiration! 

To create a fun 3D Christmas tree with simple pasta, just roll a piece of cardboard into a cone and secure with hot glue. 

Then put a strip of hot glue around the cone and glue the pasta! You can opt for pasta that evokes of the branches of a Christmas tree. But if you want a more original style, you can also create a modern tree, with different kinds of pasta. Or why not mix up the types of noodles and make a super funky tree. Because having fun is all that matters! It's the magic of the holidays!

Then, paint it and/or decorate with glitter, ribbons and whatever else you have in hand!

Don’t hesitate to use glossy paint or paint in vibrant colors. You can even place miniature gift packages at the foot of your beautiful tree!

We are convinced that Santa Claus will love your trees!

See the whole process in the following video:

Will you be trying DIYs this year?

Source: Pinterest @CraftyMornings · Photo Credit: Pinterest @CraftyMornings

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