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He glues ping pong balls to make a decorative lamp

He glues ping pong balls to make a decorative lamp
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You've all seen the idea of using ping pong balls and fairy lights to make decorative garlands of lights, right?

You know the idea of decorating a girl's room or a party with these garlands? It's really cool! But this idea? WOW! I would have liked to think about it!


-Fairy lights with at least 96 LED bulbs


-8 fairy lights with 12 LED bulbs (they don't heat)

-96 ping pong balls

-A drill with a drill bit small enough for the holes to hold the bulbs

-A hot glue gun

-A rounded lid. Like a rounded TupperWare lid for example! That's what he uses. The 12 balls fit in it.


1) Drill holes in all ping pong balls

2) Stick the balls to each other using the lid as a guide to make a circle. Make sure to stick them with the holes at the center.

3) Make 8 rings of 12 balls

4) Then insert all the fairy lights LEDs into the holes. Choose colors: pink, purple, pink, purple by aligning them first. Or place the LEDs as you want, if you plan to use only one color at a time.

5) Stack all rings for a beautiful bedside lamp or living room lamp, super original and put all the wires inside!

Which model do you prefer? Only ONE color, or will you choose different colors like at the end of this video? 

You can choose the colors you want, let your imagination run wild!

Pink and yellow?

Youtube Screenshot

Purple and green?

Youtube Screenshot

Or, insert the fairy lights LEDs as you want if you will only use one color at a time. WOW! All in green!

Youtube Screenshot

Or all in purple? Imagine all the possibilities!

Youtube Screenshot

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