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Here are 10 great projects to do with cheese graters.

Here are 10 great projects to do with cheese graters.
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Do you like creative ideas that are not ordinary?

Here are 10 wonderful ideas to transform your cheese grater.

And now, here are 10 great projects to do with cheese graters!

1) Place a grater on a tray with a tealight and beautiful Christmas decorations, this is a beautiful candle holder for the holiday season!

2) This cheese grater model is beautiful, when it's transformed into a photo frame with a sepia version of an old photo, rather than black and white!

3) We don't recognize it anymore! It's a perfect earring holder!

4) Paint it to match the color of your kitchen, and here is a perfect recipe holder to read your favorite recipes! Use an anti-rust spray paint for the metal, Krylon brand is an excellent brand!

5) Do you like owls? This garden decoration is amazing and entirely made of recycled materials!

6) Make it a super original lamp for your apartment, with modern industrial decor!

7) Or make a nice accessory to store kitchenware!

8) Make it a beautiful rustic vase!

9) Fix it on the wall, use it for your DIY workshop!

Be careful: This tip is for an adult's DIY workshop, kids could get hurt with a cheese grater

10) Do you like welding? You will love this project!

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