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Here are 11 Christmas crafts to do with egg cartons

Here are 11 Christmas crafts to do with egg cartons
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Almost everyone has egg cartons at home. And almost everyone has the reflex to throw them in the recycling bin. What else to do with these light and grayish cartons?

DIY crafts! Ornaments for the tree, decorations for the table or the buffet, for example. We can use them all year long, but during the holidays we are especially inspired!

So, get some cartons and sit down to let your creativity flow, with or without the kids! They will be happy to have made beautiful gifts for their loved ones themselves.

Here are 11 projects to inspire you:

1. A snowman

This little guy will be delightful on the tree or on a wall!


2. A guardian angel

What a beautiful gift idea to offer a personalized guardian angel to a loved one! A wooden marble, buttons, feathers and ribbons... The result will surprise you!


3. A cute Santa Claus

This type of little character would be delightful as a place-stamp at the table!


4. Santa's reindeer

In the tree or on the table, Rudolf and his friends will have the most beautiful impact!


5. Bells for the Christmas tree

With real bells, these little bells will make your Christmas tree sing.


6. A forest of Christmas trees

By stacking a varied number of pieces of egg cartons, you can create a whole forest!


7. Sweet penguins

The egg cartons make wonderful penguins!


8. A garland of snowflakes

In front of the window or in the tree, a garland of snowflakes will look delightful!


9. A star

With egg cartons, we can even create the star that will go at the top of the Christmas tree!


10. Lovely elves

Kids love elves! So make some with them. But beware! They could play tricks on you all through the month of December!


11. A candy cane

The simplest ideas are often the best. Like this beautiful, easy-to-make cane!


Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: dsfdf

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