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Here are 12 fun DIY greeting cards ideas

Here are 12 fun DIY greeting cards ideas
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This year, create your own greeting cards with the children rather than buying them!

Offering greeting cards that we have created is much more valuable.

Choose from these 12 beautiful ideas, a card for each family member and have a good time creating with the kids!

Make it a tradition, kids will love it!

Here are 12 fun DIY greeting cards ideas! They are awesome!

1) Make a nice card with Rudolph, Santa's precious reindeer!

2) A snowman greeting card!

3) A Santa greeting card!

4) A spiral-shaped Christmas tree!

5) Beautiful Christmas trees!

6) 3D snowmen

7) 3D Christmas trees!

8) In black, gold, red and green! It's very nice!

9) And a snow globe!

10) A funny Santa Claus!

11) Characters with big mouths!

12) A Rudolph greeting card!

13) Do you need envelopes? Here are some good ideas!


14) Add beautiful decorations to your Christmas tree!

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun · Photo Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

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