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Here are 20 inspiring project ideas to make with natural stones

Here are 20 inspiring project ideas to make with natural stones
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Enjoy your holidays and go find some smooth stones!

Whether you go to the beach or camping, you can find smooth stones on the beaches, along rivers, lakes, and even near ponds.

Give small buckets to children and ask them to help you pick up as many stones as possible!

If you do not find enough pretty smooth stones to make a project of your choice among all those showed in the video, you will find this kind of stones in the Dollar stores in the gardening and / or DIY departments.

Smooth stones are very useful to create projects because they are easy to paint and glue.

Here are 20 great project ideas to do with stones of all kinds:

You will need:

- Smooth stones

- Different kind of stones

- Dish soap

- Water

- A brush

- Acrylic paint (no need for paint primer, acrylic paint adheres well on the stones)

- Paintbrushes of different sizes

- A hot glue gun

- Hot glue refill

- Acrylic paint pen to make Dominoes game

- A box of Pringles to make a vase with natural flowers

- Super glue and anti-slip mat

- Nail polish, super glue to make colorful knobs. Recycle glass jars.

- A canvas bag, an acrylic paint pen and a black marker to make a Tic Tac Toe game

- A salad bowl, a plastic bag and super glue to make a soap holder

- Crayons to make beautiful galaxy-candle holders or super original trinket bowls!

- An anti-slip mat, smooth stones and a hot glue gun to make doormat for the home

How to do:

1) Start by cleaning the stones with dish soap, water and brush to remove all the dust and greasy or sticky residues from the stones

2) Rinse the stones and let them dry completely before painting them

3) Then you can paint or glue the stones with acrylic paint or hot glue gun

4) Watch the video to see the 20 great ideas to make with stones!

You will see that it is possible to do many wonderful things with stones !

On video: 

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