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Here is the coolest way to dye Easter eggs

Here is the coolest way to dye Easter eggs
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You want to make Easter eggs with the kids at home or with the kids at the daycare, but you do not want the activity lasts 2 hours and cost you $40 ?

Here is the perfect solution !

Use Kool-Aid packs to dye your Easter eggs !

And to make fun patterns use stickers! You will can use: stars, hearts, suns, circles, and even reinforcement ring ...

The circles are made with reinforcement rings to protect the holes of the sheets used at school.

It's simple and economical, isn't it ?

Do you want to try ?

You will need :

- Hard-boiled eggs

- 12 glasses or a large muffin tray

- Water

- Packs of Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid has 12 different juice flavors. So you can get 12 different colors of Easter eggs

- Kitchen tongs

- Stickers of your choice

- Paper towels

-How to do:

1) Cook hard-boiled eggs as usual.

2) Add 125 ml (1/2 cup) of water to each glass

3) Pour Kool-Aid pack in each glass and mix well until all the crystals are dissolved

4) Once the eggs are cooked, make sure they are not cracked

5) Once the eggs are cool, put the stickers of your choice

6) Add the eggs in the glasses of colored water

7) Let the eggs soak in the colored water for 2 minutes

8) Take out the eggs with the kitchen tongs

9) And put them on paper towels

It's so easy to do that kids can dye eggs with you! Ask the children to wear an apron to do this DIY. A simple precaution to prevent them from dirtying their clothes.

Moreover, as the dye is made with Kool-Aid, it is not toxic! So you can break the shells and eat the eggs! No waste! This is a perfect Easter DIY.

Watch the video to see all the beautiful colors that Kool-Aid will give to your hard-boiled eggs! All these colors are so beautiful !

NOTE: Remember to use the kitchen tongs to remove the eggs from the colored water, as long as the eggs are not dry, this water will stain the fingers.

On video:

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