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Here's how to make paint on snow!

Here's how to make paint on snow!
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The snow is settling in and we're starting to look for fun, original winter activities to do with the kids.

Have you ever thought of bringing your little artists out to create colorful works of art on snow?

Ephemeral, but fun works, that will disappear when the snow melts, or when a new storm comes to cover them in white!

After all, don't stay locked up all winter long!

And if the neighbors imitate you, your neighborhood could become the most colorful in town! This snow art will give everyone a smile and help beat the winter dullness.

It is a really simple activity to prepare, economical and accessible to children of all ages. It stimulates creativity and entertains the whole family.

Here's what you'll need to paint in the snow:

Some water

Compressible bottles

Liquid food coloring

And here is how to do it:

1: Fill the bottles with water and add 10 drops of food coloring.

2: Shake to mix well.

Source: Pinterest

Prepare several colors so you can mix them and teach children the concepts of primary and secondary colors!

All you have to do is dress the whole family well and go out in the snow to make beautiful drawings!

NOTE: For different effects, you can use bottles with sprays in addition to the squeeze bottles.

source: Pinterest

Take beautiful pictures of the colorful works you have made! The children will be super proud!

Here is the video tutorial for this fun project:

Winter is also made to play!

source: Pinterest

NOTE:If you are afraid that the food coloring will stain snow suits and mittens, you can color the water with washable gouache, effervescent tablets for the bath or Jello powder.

Source: the nerd's wife · Photo Credit: YouTube - Arena Blake

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