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How to build a hut with wooden pallets

How to build a hut with wooden pallets
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Do you remember when you were a kid, how much you liked to play with your dolls in the little house in the garden ?

Would you like your kids to have fun like you did, without spending too much money on one of those little houses that cost hundreds of dollars ?

Well, this project might really interest you !

Upcycle wooden pallets to make a children's hut!

They can have fun all summer, but also all year long ! Even in winter under the snow ! Just remove the fabric if you made a roof with fabric ! Or make a rigid roof! It's up to you !

Here's how to build a hut from wooden pallets :

You will need :

- About 8 to 9 wooden pallets if you also think to make a floor

- A hammer

- Anti-rust nails

- A screwdriver and screws

- An electric saw

- An electric sander

- 4 hinges

- Outdoor paint (you choose the colors)

- A paintbrush and / or paint rollers

- And some fabrics or boards to make a hard roof

How to do :

1) Make sure all the nails and staples are removed from the pallets and sand all the wood to prevent the children from getting injured. Because the wood of pallet is raw and rough.

2) If you plan to do a floor in the hut, use a pallet to make the floor and ...

3) Mount 3 walls on the edge of the floor with 3 other wooden pallets

4) Then cut the windows in the top parts of the wooden pallets, on each side of the walls.

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5) To make doors, cut a pallet in half and fix them with 4 hinges

6) Then use pallet sides to make the roof pillars

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7) Apply exterior paint to protect the wood from the weather.

Ask the children to help you do this part of the construction. They will keep wonderful memories ! Spending good times like these with your children is very precious. And you will see that they will tell you about it, even 20-30 years later.

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8) It will only remain for you to attach the roof made of fabrics ! Very practical ! It can be washed easily and in winter the hut becomes an open hut ! Or with boards, make a hardtop.

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