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How to easily get strawberry plants without spending any money!

How to easily get strawberry plants without spending any money!
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Strawberries are so delicious that you never get tired of eating them. When the season finally arrives, you can enjoy them fresh, freeze them or make delicious jams! 

Strawberries at the farmer's market cost much more than the grocery store! Obviously we would all like to have a garden and grow our strawberries, but again, it can get very expensive. 

However, with this tip, you could easily get 50 strawberry plants without spending a penny!

 In fact, you will only need one strawberry, which will not ruin you.

To find out how to grow strawberries without spending, read on, and follow the steps that are described in this tutorial.

1. Take a fresh strawberry, ideally that was picked the same day.

Then, with a toothpick or tweezers, remove the seeds.

Put the seeds in a sieve, and rinse with water until no more strawberry remains. Then transfer the seeds to a sheet of paper towel.

2. Cut in half paper toilet rolls.

Then fold to form a bottom part.

3. Add potting soil inside each of the rolls.

And place 2 strawberry seeds in each roll.

4. Transfer the rolls to a plastic container. 

You can use an old plastic container such as rotisserie chicken or a strawberry container. 

Water each of the rolls and cover with plastic wrap, create small holes with a toothpick.

* If your container has a lid, simply close it and create small holes in the lid.

5. Place the plastic container on the edge of a window  and water regularly.

When green shoots appear, remove the plastic wrap (or the lid).

6. Then transfer the shoots to flower pots. 

In the spring, replant them in the ground.

Enjoy your delicious fresh strawberries!

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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