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How to make a cat shelter in preparation for the cold weather

How to make a cat shelter in preparation for the cold weather
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Autumn is settling in and the weather is getting colder. As humans, we put on our wool sweaters and our boots, or we take refuge in our comfortable homes. But some cats do not have that luxury.

Abandoned or lost, they roam the neighborhood night and day and when the cold weather arrives, they are at risk of dying...

It's a really sad reality and even the greatest cat lover can not adopt them all. Not to mention that some are almost impossible to catch, even by animal services...

So what can we do to help those poor animals?

We can build them a shelter that will allow them to rest and most importantly, to warm up!

If you're interested in this project, here is a tutorial to build a shelter in your yard in less than 30 minutes!

Required material:

2 plastic bins that fit into each other (leaving some space for insulation)

some straw

pieces of Styrofoam panels, newspapers, or straw, as desired

a tool to cut holes in each bin

pieces of wood (so the shelter rests a little above ground)


1. Cut styrofoam rectangles of the same size as the sides of the largest bin and its lid.

2. Cut a circle in the side of the bin, about 6 inches (12 cm) in diameter (if the cat's head enters, the rest of the body will follow).

3. Make an identical hole at the exact same spot in the second bin.

NOTE: Make sure the holes are not too low, so that water and snow do not get in the shelter.

source: YouTube - ÉDUCHATEUR Comportement Félin

4. Cut a similar hole in the same place, in a styrofoam rectangle.

NOTE: Some cats may be afraid to enter the shelter if there are no other holes. You can cut another, of the same circumference, on another side of the bin to provide an exit door in the case of a predator's approach.

In addition, you can drill small holes in the bottom of the two bins so that water can drain out.

5. Place a styrofoam rectangle at the bottom of the larger bin. Then place the small bin in the large bin so that both holes are aligned.

6. Insert the other styrofoam panels between the bins on all sides, again keeping the holes for the entrance/exit aligned.

source: YouTube - ÉDUCHATEUR Comportement Félin

7. Fill the spaces between the bins and the styrofoam with straw or newspapers.

8. Place some straw at the bottom of the smallest bin.

9. Put the lid on the small bin and place a styrofoam rectangle over it.

source: YouTube - ÉDUCHATEUR Comportement Félin

10. Put the lid on the larger bin.

11. Place blocks of wood on the floor and place the cat shelter on top. Think of tilting it slightly so that water and snow do not enter.

source: YouTube - ÉDUCHATEUR Comportement Félin

Your shelter is ready to welcome little homeless beasts (or the neighbor's cat locked outside)!

Watch this video to see the whole building process of the shelter:

Suggestion: If a stray cat is seen frequently in your area, check with your municipality to find out what sterilization programs are available. If each person had a stray cat sterilized, the problem of cat overpopulation would be quickly solved.

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