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How to make beautiful crochet rose flowers.

How to make beautiful crochet rose flowers.
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There is something really special about crocheted items! They hold a sentimental value and make unique gifts that cannot be replaced. These beautiful crochet rose flower by Lyza Walters are one of them! They can be added to other items such as hat, but they are truly beautiful on their own!

Here is how to make these charming flowers.

Lyza Walters - Youtube

Use medium 4 100% acrylic yarn and a 3.76mm crochet hook. 

Lyza Walters - Youtube

 To make 7 small petals, make a half double crochet into the second chain from hook. If you want a bigger size then go up a hook size.

Lyza Walters - Youtube

Here is the full tutorial in a video form.

You can use any colour you like or even mix two colours! Don't be scared to be creative and even use glittery yarn! 

Bonus: Here is another tutorial on how to crochet a long stem rose. Imagine how pretty a bouquet of crochet flower would look like!

Do you know how to crochet? What is your favourite thing to crochet?

Source: INEWS60S · Photo Credit: Youtube

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