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How to transfer a photo onto wood

How to transfer a photo onto wood
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You will agree with us that with the digital cameras and smartphones, no one develops their photos and then display them in their home. And many of us are nostalgic of that time, when we look at the frames hanging on our walls! We should develop some recent pictures in order to not lose this beautiful habit ...

Well now is the time to do it, and in addition to print new pictures, you can do this great project and even make Christmas gifts! Printing is not expensive, and pieces of wood are very cheap. So once you got these two items, you can start the project!

You will need : Print a mirror image of the artwork you want to transfer to the material. Either use a laser printer, or print normally and photocopy it. This will create a copy of the image printed in toner which can be transferred easily onto the material.

- Print a beautiful photo, it will need to be reversed (left <-> right) (on a software ex: Word, turn the photo as if you were looking at it in a mirror). Print a mirror image, and use a laser printer. Print on standard white printer paper. If you print it in a mall, ask for help, or transfer it at home, before putting the photo on a USB key.

- A piece of wood (old or new)

- Mod Podge (Omer de Serres, Micheals, Dollar store, Walmart)

- Liquitex gel Medium (Omer de Serres, Micheals)

- A clean cloth or a sponge

- Water

How to do:

1) Apply a layer of Liquitex gel medium with a paintbrush on the piece of wood

2) Place the photo cut at the right size, the photo needs to face the wood

3) Gently remove all the air bubbles under the paper, using your hands or a credit card

4) Let dry all night

5) Wet the surface with a clean cloth or a wet sponge

6) Gently remove the excess paper, it will roll under your fingers

7) Remove all residues, to reveal the photo on the wood

8) Then apply a layer of Mod Podge with a paintbrush to protect and glaze your photo

9) Let it dry completely before handling

And that's how we transfer photos onto a piece of wood! It's very easy ! It's not a coincidence that the video under this photo has more than 20 million views !

Source : Youtube video screenshot Crystal Hethcote

See all the details in the following video :

Source : Youtube Crystal Hethcote

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