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Learn how to make pumpkin banner for Halloween

Learn how to make pumpkin banner for Halloween
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The YouTube channel Krokotak presents a great project to make pumpkins with orange construction papers ! A simple and new way, to finally create pumpkins, that we can also hang in a room, like a banner !

A great idea to decorate the classroom at school, daycare or kindergarten for Halloween !

You will receive friends at home for a Halloween party ? Make pumpkin banners with the kids to decorate the room where you will receive your guests ! It's economical and the kids will be so proud to tell your guests that they've done the decor themselves!

You will find a photo tutorial and a video tutorial to help you make these pumpkins.

Choose the tutorial you prefer !

You will need :

- Orange paper

- Green paper

- White paper

- Black felt pen

- Scissors

- Glue stick

How to do :

1) Start by folding an orange paper in four

2) Then, cut each fold of this folded paper

3) Then cut a 5th piece of paper, to the same size as the other 4 pieces of paper

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4) Then roll a strip of orange paper and glue both ends with glue stick.

5) Put a second piece of paper into the first 'ring' and glue the second piece of paper, to make a ring.

6) Put a third piece of paper into the second 'ring' and glue the 3rd piece of paper, to make a ring.

7) Put a fourth piece of paper into the third 'ring' and glue the 4th piece of paper, to make a ring.

8) Then stick a thin green piece of paper between the two rings of the center to form the stalk of the pumpkin.

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9) Then, on white paper, draw three triangles to make two eyes and a nose and draw a half-moon to make a pumpkin smile.

10) Then cut out the shapes.

11) Glue each piece to the respective places on the pumpkin, with the glue stick.

12) Cut a pumpkin leaf into the green paper.

13) And stick it on the stalk of the pumpkin, always with glue stick.

14) Repeat all these steps to make several pumpkins to make a beautiful pumpkin banner.

15) You will find the video tutorial of this project, under this photo.

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Watch all the details in this video :

YouTube video source KROKOTAK

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Source: YouTube KROKOTAK · Photo Credit: YouTube KROKOTAK

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