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Learn how to make the most beautiful paper flowers with these simple methods

Learn how to make the most beautiful paper flowers with these simple methods
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Ori means folding and gami means paper and this, of course, forms the word origami, that which represents the art of folding paper, often related to the Japanese culture. But did you know that in modern usage, this term is associated with all forms of folding and is not reserved solely for paper?

People who practice modern origami even go so far as using paper cups and glue to make impressive paper sculptures. This Japanese method is called kirigami. Source: Wikipedia

Today we showcase the top 10 most beautiful origami or kirigami flowers you can make; a great activity to do with, or without children, to play around with with greeting cards, decorate gift wrapping, do scrap-booking, or just have to have fun.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful origami or kirigami flowers:

1) With five squares of paper, crafty a beautiful flower with inner folds that will make it magnificent.

2) With three rectangles of 7.5 X 15 cm and 4-hole buttons, craft beautiful flowers with curved edges.

3) With 10 circles of paper 3 centimeters in diameter and a button, craft a beautiful flower with multiple well aligned petals.

4) With five squares of paper and a button, create a very special and unique square-shaped flower.

5) With buttons and a sheet of 22 x 28 cm (8 1/2 x 11) trace the outline of a jar lid to make 6 large circles, then draw 6 smaller circles and craft flowers with perfect oval petals for the holiday season.

6) With a sheet of 22 x 28 cm (8 1/2 x 11) folded-in 3 times on itself, use a compass to trace and cut 6 circles and craft cute little flowers with pistils at the center.

7) With three squares of blue paper, three cotton swabs dipped in yellow paint, create green leaves to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

8) With 16 circles of about 2.5 cm in diameter, roll cones that you will stick onto larger circles of about 5 cm in diameter, then stick 10 small cones made from circles of about 1.5 cm and glue a faux pearl in the center to craft beautiful Dahlia flowers.

9) With 5 squares of paper folded so as to make some folds but also some curved shapes, create an impressive flower resembling the first flower, but in a circular shape.

10) With a square paper folded into 3, cut the larger side into a curved shape and keep the point very straight. Then cut out a petal from the flower and repeat these steps to make 4 flowers, but, each time you cut the petals, cut one petal more, so: 1 petal, 2 petals, 3 petals and finally 4 petals. Fold the edges, roll the flowers onto themselves, then glue the rolled petals, one over the other.

You can watch all this in detail in this video and this gives you the chance to pause the video to better follow along with the steps:

Source: Facebook videoArt All The Way

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Source: ArtAllTheWay · Photo Credit: ArtAllTheWay

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