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Living Succulents are the new trend for nails!

Living Succulents are the new trend for nails!
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Are you looking for new ideas to get your nails done? Nails technician have become real artists! The new trends for nails involve the popular group of plants; succulents! If you are a succulent lover and like to get your nails done this might be the perfect mix for you! If you don't like fancy nails you still have to see the amazing work of the nails technicians below.

"I had been making real succulent jewelry and wanted to use the same application on something I had never seen baby succulents used on before," said the nails artist.

The stunning manicures are 100% plant-based - yes from real plants! "People are stunned when they realize it’s real live plants, not 3D sculpting," she said. "Some people are grossed out, but most love it!"

The manicurist uses a special kind of floral glue so the baby succulent adhere to the fake nails. The plants are totally fine and can even grow!

Once you are over the nail look, you can plant the succulents and watch them grow!

The popular Youtuber "Simply Nailogical" even tried the trend for herself.

If you don't want living plants on your nails, you can get 3D designs instead.

Roz Borg is the botanical artist behind this new trend!

If fancy nails aren't quite your cup of tea, you can get succulent earrings!

Do you like to try new things on your nails? Or do you prefer the classic French manicure?

Source: Crafty · Photo Credit: Crafty

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