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Make beautiful frosted tealight holders with glass jars.

Make beautiful frosted tealight holders with glass jars.
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Winter without snow is not winter .. And winter without candle, is sad!

So combine these 2 beautiful elements to make beautiful decorations and decorate the house!

Let's make pretty frosted tealight holders, with recycled spice jars, using different materials to mimic the snow!

You will need:

-Glass jars

-Mod Podge glue and a foam brush

-Epsom salt, polystyrene beads, or artificial snow

-(Optional) Painter's tape (because it does not leave any adhesive deposits)

-Tealights with batteries or not!

How to do:

1) Stick strips of adhesive tape on the jar

2) Apply a generous layer of glue on the jar

3) Put or sprinkle Epsom salt everywhere

Let it dry and once everything is dry, remove the strips of adhesive tape

Do you like it? Add some decoration!

Maybe you prefer natural but on a silver tray?

Stick snowflake stickers on the jars, then apply the Mod Podge, it becomes translucent by drying and then put the jar into Epsom salt. Then just add a nice ribbon!

Raw rope and realistic decorations are amazing!

A small jar, fabric and little buttons to make a snowman!

Choose the ribbons of your favorite color!

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