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Make your own kinetic sand with this simple recipe

Make your own kinetic sand with this simple recipe
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Have you ever touched kinetic sand ? The sensation is extraordinary ! And kids love to play with this soft and colorful material !

If your child likes sensory activities, he /she will love playing with kinetic sand. And kinetic sand also has an incredibly relaxing effect on hyperactive children. If your child has trouble focusing. That he /she moves constantly, that he /she is nervous, or always excited. Offer him /her kinetic sand and watch his / her reaction. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how this magical sand will calm your child and instantly.

Would you like to make kinetic sand at home ?

It's super easy and very economical !

Here's an economic recipe to make kinetic sand at home :

You will need :

- A bowl

- A whisk

- 500g (2 cups) of fine sand (pet stores, florists, craft shops, or on the Internet,

- 15g (1 tablespoon) of cornstarch

- 10ml (2 tsp) dish soap (Dawn blue if possible, because it's thicker)

- 15g (1 tablespoon) of water. If necessary

- Food coloring

How to do :

1) In the salad bowl add the fine sand, cornstarch, dish soap, and water

2) Whisk a little

3) Add a few drops of food coloring and whisk until everything is perfectly combined.

4) Repeat all these steps for each color

5) Let stand for 2 hours

6) Then, mix the colors, or not !

7) Then offer the kinetic sand to the children, in a large plastic tray with low edges so that the children can play easily. Give them small plastic bowls, plastic cups and plastic utensils. If the beach toys are not too far, take them out to give them to the kids. Make colorful sandcastles, it's wonderful !

This recipe is very economical compared to the kinetic sand found in stores.

See now, all the details in this video :

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