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New isolation trend: People are making crochet sofas for cats!

New isolation trend: People are making crochet sofas for cats!
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While most people turn to Netflix and Disney+ during the coronavirus forced isolation, some people use their extra time to try new hobbies and crafts. With a lot of imagination and a bit of skills, you can create interesting things!

And if you like crochet or cats (or both!), Here's an idea for you!

Crochet community members, like those found on Reddit, love to share their handcrafted creations as well as the ideas and patterns they use and sometimes, some are taken over by many and become a trend.

And the trend right now? Crochet cat sofa! Photos of the adorable crochet mini sofas have started to grab attention in recent months, but apparently the idea has been around since at least 2009.

If you are a crochet lover or just looking for something new to try, you can get a pattern inexpensively on the web or design it yourself from start to finish.

Here are creations that internet users who love crochet and felines have shared on the internet. So cute, right? 

source: Reddit- Kat Rogers
source: wolvyncreations - Martha Meyer
Source: Reddit - Debby Marengo
source: Reddit - Hao Hao
source: Reddit - ⚞ Katniss Everdeen ⚟
source: Villager - MsM
source: Reddit - Debby Marengo
Source: my_knotty_hobby - Debby Marengo
Source: piakico - MsM
source: dan.ger.crane - Malakai
Source: Reddit - Susie Swearingen-Kamachi
Source: my_knotty_hobby - Jamie Zerr
Source: Reddit - Debby Marengo
Source: kikicosmosis - Khavrinen
Source: pottermouth - CR Harvey
Source: Reddit - Debby Marengo

Which of these sofas do you prefer? Do you think your cat would like to lounge on such a large piece of furniture? Or would he continue to squat on your couch and/or bed?

Source: Bored Panda · Photo Credit: Bored Panda

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