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People are crocheting Coronavirus Plushies and Toilet paper rolls!

People are crocheting Coronavirus Plushies and Toilet paper rolls!
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If you are feeling a bit anxious this past few weeks, you must know that you are not alone. With social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine, a lot of people are spending time at home and alone. This might have you left feeling the blues. If you watched every movies and tv-shows, and are starting to go nut, you should know that Better Homes & Garden reported that studies have shown a way to improve your mental health; knitting and crocheting.

These activities seem to be linked to lower your stress levels and increase your production or dopamine! The study indicates that : “a significant relationship between knitting frequency and feeling calm and happy. In fact, 81% of survey takers with depression reported feeling genuinely happy after knitting".

Some people already seem to be following these instructions and are crocheting little Coronavirus plushies and toilet paper rolls! We are not sure if we should laugh about it, yet. 

Photo : Reddit u/abeyjane

The weird part about it, they are actually cute. This movement seemed to have started on the popular website Reddit, were redditors exchanged:

"I crocheted a coronavirus for my infectious diseases class!,"  wrote lavenderstudies. 

Another redditor replied: "You have a great sense of humor and I think that’s needed when the world is living in fear of something like that."

Photo : Reddit u/lavenderstudies

They are also available for purchase on the Etsy website! PurpleLilacAmigurumi is one of the seller. 

Photo : Etsy

But that's not all! With the whole toilet paper shortage, some people got inspired to crochet toilet rolls!

Photo : Reddit | Katiehwll

It seems like an easy pattern to follow for beginners. What do you think?

Photo : Reddit u/CatTheDestroyer

If you weren't able to stock-up on toilet paper, you can always buy this crochet one on Etsy

Photo : Etsy

We hope you had a laugh during this difficult time. And maybe helped you find a new hobby, you never know! 

Source: Crafty · Photo Credit: Crafty

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